Youth Alive

Our Mission

Youth Alive exists to present Jesus, the message of hope, to every student on campus. The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the spiritual and social life of the students. It shall provide opportunities for discussion, fellowship, and sharing God's word, and for growing into a strong Christian witness. The club is evangelistic and service-oriented, striving to develop a community of support and encouragement. High school and middle school meet during their respective lunch period.

A Campus Missionary Commits to:

PRAY Regularly: Pray daily for friends, teachers, school administrators, and others who need Jesus' hope.

LIVE The Word: Live a real, consistent Christian faith by reading, studying, and memorizing God's Word and spending time in personal worship.

TELL Your Story: Tell her/his friends about Jesus.

SERVE Others: Serve in or start an active campus club.

GIVE Generously: Give time and finances to promote Jesus' hope globally.

Learn More

The Youth Alive website can provide anyone with more information about the club and its purposes as well as missions, goals, and any upcoming events of the Youth Alive community.