The Yearbook Club, which is open grades 8-12, helps capture the memories of the school year that made it special by using Walsworth Publishing Company. Students in the club have many opportunities to contribute to the yearbook like photography, editing, and much more. Many important ideas such as the cover and theme are determined by the students. For instance, the 2014 yearbook showcased the newly built school under the night sky. The Patrick F. Taylor Yearbook is made with plenty of input from the students under the supervision of the club proctor, Mr. Curran.

6th Grade and Senior "Brother and Sister" event.

Students doing an assignment in class.

Three Seniors having fun in the school.

Vice Principal, Katie Higgins, with 2016 seniors at homecoming.

The high school basketball team with their coach and team managers.

The annual Freshman-Senior Olympics

Students running at a Cross Country meet

A picture from the school play "Game of Tiaras".

Cheerleading Team

Supervisor: Thomas Curran

The club proctor, Mr. Curran, oversees the Patrick Taylor Yearbook. His previous experiences include writing for a school newspaper. With this experience, Mr. Curran can easily determine what is relevant, important, and noteworthy for the yearbook.

Publications I and II

In addition to running the Yearbook Club, Mr. Curran also teaches a course called Publications that works alongside the club. All high school students are able to enroll in Publications I or II. The students in this class work on parts of the yearbook while also learning ethics, plagiarism, first amendment issues, free speech issues, photography, Photoshop, design, and layout. This class gives students the opportunity to learn how journalists write and process their work.