Echo (New Tech Network's Learning Management System) is our online portal. It is designed to support project-based learning, facilitate communication and collaboration, and provide access to posting grades 24 hours a day. Grades that are posted online can be viewed by students and parents anytime.

Student Information

Summer Reading information, as well as the Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD/T) policy, and other school documents, are available for download on the School Forms page. Students may also want to check out the Student Handbook and Course Catalog.


The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) provides valuable information for JPPSS students, teachers, and parents. Employee forms, payroll information, the district calendar, access to email, academic resources, etc. are available in the Employee Area.

Library OPAC

The library OPAC is the library catalog for all library resources. You can find print material as well as links to the Gale and Britannica databases. The homepage of the OPAC provides access to many other resources that could assist students with class assignments and other research projects.

PFTSTA Library

The PFTSTA Library program provides activities to correlate with classroom assignments and projects, as well as activities to promote reading for pleasure. On the library web site students can find resources to help with coursework and information about all library sponsored events.


Connect to PFTSTA by subscribing to our Paw Prints, a daily email with most current school news an announcments, following us on Twitter @PFTSTA, and Facebook, and tuning in to Taylor Tube. please use this link to subscribe to our mailing list.


Although Taylor advocates academics first, we also offer a large variety of clubs and sports. The clubs at Taylor are not only fun, but educational— teaching useful life skills. The sports teams have an impressive history with LHSSA and promote competition, good character, and sportsmanship.

Louisiana Believes

The Louisiana Department of Education provides useful resources for teachers, parents, and students. Educators can find information about Compass, the Technology Adoption Program (TAP), the Value Added Model, and award programs, as well as access to Common Core resources and a Teacher Support Toolbox.