Speech and Debate

What is Speech and Debate?

Debate is much more than simply arguing about who's right or who's wrong. In debate, opposing sides of an issue agree to follow rules of discourse and order. As a result, the essential democratic values of free and open discussion are fostered. Through intense yet fun tournaments, students learn beneficial skills that can be used in the real world: critical thinking, effective communication/public speaking, independent research, and teamwork. Speech and debate will prepare students to face future obstacles and challenges head on with the confidence they developed during their years competing.

Debate Formats

Public Forum Debate

  • Display solid logic, lucid reasoning, and depth of analysis
  • Utilize evidence without being driven by it
  • Present a clash of ideas by countering/refuting arguments of the opposing team
  • Communicate ideas with clarity, organization, eloquence, and professional decorum

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debates focuse on an issue of philosophical or political concern which will be analyzed from a moral perspective.


Our Speech and Debate club meets every Thursday at 12:45. The club proctor is Mr. Curran and meetings are held in his room (Room 218).