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Key Clubber of the Month

Hailey Parker


May 17, 2016 | Betty Reyes

During April 9 to April 11, our Key Club went to the annual district rally, this year hosted in Natchez, Mississippi. Our district consists Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Tennessee Key Clubs. The event lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. Every morning we would be given speechs about recent events in our district, leadership skills, and ways to better our clubs. In the evenings, everyone would be sent to dance that would last til curfew. Saturday was when most of the events happened. We had lectures to attend, a talent show held, awards given out, and free time to spend. Not only was this event a great learning opportunity, it gave opportunities to grow closer as a club. Click here to view the gallery!


April 20,2016 | Lindsey Moffett

The LaMissTenn District Convention this year was a fun and educational experience for me. D- Con was in Natchez, Mississippi this year and our Key Club was honored to attend. This trip was filled with both exciting and learning activities. I personally enjoyed the late night dances, the club positions lectures, and exploring the city. We also participated in morning meetings and got a chance to bond with the other members in our club. All in all 2016 D-con was an amazing event that I hope to attend in following years to come. Click here to view the gallery!


November 5, 2015 | Lindsey Moffett

Park-A- Boo is a Halloween kid's event that is held in late October. Patrick F. Taylor's Key Club volunteered at this event, we helped out by running game booths, handing out candy, face painting, selling tickets, and being part of the haunted house. We got to dress up in costume and participate in the fun when we were on our break. This was a fun experience that benefited the community. Click here to view the gallery!

District Rally

November 1, 2015 | Lindsey Moffett

2016 District Rally was an opportunity for the Key Clubs in our small area to meet and get to know each other better. The theme this year was 90s and we dressed up in amusing 90s clothes or as a character from a 90s show. There were a lot of activities including karaoke, dancing, icebreakers, lectures, making animal toys, and a costume contest. We also participated in the poster contest and won 1 st place! District Rally was a casual event that was enjoyable and entertaining. Click here to view the gallery!