Film Studies

What is Film Studies?

Film Studies is a club created to give high school students an opportunity to watch, discuss, and rate films together. Students experience movies and shorts of all genres and production levels in order to branch out on their interests. It also offers an outlet to discuss the deeper meanings of classic and historical films.

How Does Film Studies Work?

The club meets every Tuesday during high school lunch to discuss a film the club previously decided on. Multiple view points and discussion topics for the club. Members also have the opportunity to bring up movies that will be in theaters soon or ones that they are excited to see. Then the club votes on which movie to watch next based on suggestions from the members.

Current Executive Board

President - Dylan Craigie

Vice President - Olivia Gegenheimer

Proctor - John McCloskey

Films Viewed

Film Studies have studied a variety of films of different genres. Some examples include:

"V for Vendetta", "Kung Fu Hustle", "Alien", "27 Dresses", "Adaline", and "9".