Film Productions Club


The Film Productions Club is open to students in grades 9-12 who are interested in all aspects of film. The purpose of this club is to give students a creative opportunity to express themselves by writing, acting, directing, and working film equipment. At least one short film production will be produced every semester and one Taylor Tube film will be produced per month. Grades 6-12 are encouraged to audition for acting roles. All high school students are encouraged to join!

Short Films

Club members will work as a team to create a number of short films througout the year, combining all aspects of film from writing to filming to acting. The films will be displayed on Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy's Vimeo page for the school community to view.

Taylor Tube

The Film Productions Club is re-introducing Taylor Tube, a monthly student news video highlighting current and upcoming school events in our school community. All Taylor Tube videos are created by students and posted on Vimeo.

Aspects of Film

Students will learn about the necessary components for producing films. These components include writing, filming, editing, sound, lighting, acting, and budgeting. Members will be able to focus on the aspect of their preference while still being exposed to all components.