District/State Rally

What is District/State Rally?

Established in 1909, State Rally is an educational institution in Louisiana. High school teachers recommend one student per course to participate in competitive testing. District Rally is held in March at Loyola University. Students who place first or second in their division are invited to participate in State Rally in April. The annual State Rally competition includes 78 events (Literary-43; Music-7; Speech-4; and Special Open events in Foreign Language Speaking/Writing-24). Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy participated in the rally for the first time in 2009 as a Division IV school.

Rally Procedure

Tests are handed out at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Every student receives a ticket with the time and location of their test. Every student has to bring their ticket with them to the event. Each test is an hour long, and students who arrive late will only be given the time remaining. Students should bring their own sharpened No. 2 pencils and/or pens. Students who need calculators for their events are required to bring their own and make sure that they are approved. The testing locations will not have extra calculators or batteries.


More Information About the District Rally

District Rally Winners 2016

Quach, Bruce: 1st Algebra I (Overall Winner)
Nguyen, Chau: 3rd Algebra II
Nguyen, Devin: 3rd Biology II
Libert, Tyler: 2nd Calculus
Torry, Rayne: 3rd Chemistry
Westman, James: 1st English I (Overall Winner)
LeBlanc, Jacob: 1st English III
Brown, Michaela: 4th English IV
Walker, Alexander: 2nd Geometry
Paternostro, Eduardo: 4th Health
Hughes, Hayley: 5th Physics
Horton, Kiara: 5th Psychology
Moffett, Lindsey: 2nd Spanish I
Thai, Johnny: 4th Spanish II
Dorado, Harris: 4th Spanish III
Vu, Judy: World 3rd Geography

More Information About the State Rally

State Rally Winners 2016

Dorado, Harris: “Good” Spanish III
Moffett, Lindsey: 1st Spanish I
Quach, Bruce: 3rd Algebra I
Westman, James: 1st English I