Coastal Roots



Coastal Roots is a program administered by the LSU Ag Center. The program is intended to teach environmental awareness through the establishment of native plant nurseries. The High School 4-H Club maintains the Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy’s branch of the Coastal Roots Program. Throughout the year, work must be done to upkeep the nursery such as: planting the seeds, deweeding the cells, fertilizing the seedlings, cleaning the nursery, and much more. Once a year, students take a field trip to a plant the seedlings in an area of deficient amounts of the trees grown.

Our nursery is currently growing Nuttall Oak and Bald Cypress saplings.



Technical Support

LSU Coastal Roots Program


Further Support and Inquiries

Ms. Julie Avila: javila@pftsta.jppss.k12.la.us