Academic Games


The Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academic Games club began in 2005. The Academic Games club meets after school twice a week for practice and instruction. Students must maintain an overall C average and attend more than 50% of the practices in order to compete at the tournaments. All students in grades 6th through 12th are invited to join. Club dues are collected at the beginning of the year and members of the Academic Games club are required to participate in fund-raisers to help pay fees for games and tournaments.


Students compete in Equations, On-sets, Linguishtiks, Presidents, and Propaganda in the Jefferson Parish League. The Jefferson Parish League is a member of the Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) which holds national tournaments every April. Students must compete at all five Jefferson League tournaments in order to be eligible to compete at nationals and must rank in the top of their division. Patrick Grindstaff, Alexandra Miserendino, Andreas Palmer, Bruce Quach, and James Westman qualified for the 2016 Academic Games Nationals Tournament.


  • EQUATIONS: Players are challenged to use their mathematical knowledge and ability and to develop new skills in progressively more competitive ways.

  • ON-SETS: Players learn to create and describe sets of colored objects using Union, Intersection, Set Difference, Set Complement, the Universe, and the Null Set.

  • LINGUISHTIKS: Players are challenged to improve their grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills.

  • PRESIDENTS: Players learn how presidents developed personally and professionally, how they reacted to or changed the times in which they served, what types of families they came from, and how they were affected by the political climate surrounding them.

  • PROPAGANDA: Players learn to recognize techniques of persuasion that are often used by advertisers, politicians, editorial writers, and in normal human interaction.